dimecres, 31 de maig de 2017

Christian the lion. The story. (Grade 5)

Today we read the story about a lion, Christian. We know that the lion is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. But, what do you think after watching the video?

dimarts, 30 de maig de 2017

Furniture (Grade 4)

We are studying the vocabulary of furniture and houses. Here you are a video. Watch it and then you can play the games. Have fun!!

Home objects. Listen and check.

Actions verbs (Grade 5)

We have started a new lesson with actions verbs.

Here you have more verbs.


Past Simple - Regular verbs (Grade 6)

Next week you will have an examen. Practice the Past Simple of Regular verbs. Here you are a fun song.

Good luck!!


A discoverer.

If you want to start with irregular verbs...

dimecres, 17 de maig de 2017

Did you know...? (Grade 6)

This is a new wall to share our writings about inventors.

Click on the picture to enter.

If you have any problems , bring the biography in a USB.

6è A

6è B

dimecres, 10 de maig de 2017

Past Simple was / were. (Grade 5-6)

Sometimes we get confused with the past simple of to be: was or were?
Here you are a fun explanation.
After you can play the game to review.


 You can be a pirate, an alien or a crocodile. Choose and play! You can play in pair.